Agharta Finalization Core Devs Call

2019.12.10 Yaz Khoury

On Thursday, December 12, 2019, 1pm UTC, an Ethereum Classic Core Devs call will be held to determine the final block selection for Agharta.

The call will be held in our English-language Discord channel, which you can join in this link

Ask one of our moderators or community organizers to be granted the right permissions to join the Voice Call.


The agenda for the call is the following:

We will first have a client check-in with represenatives of the 4 clients for ETC: 1) Parity 2) Hyperledger Best 3) MultiGeth 4) Classic Geth

Currently, the Agharta Hardfork is scheduled for mid-January 2020 and is currently in last call.

So, this call will be to achieve rough consensus on moving it to Final and selecting a block number together for when we should activate it.

We will also be evaluating results of the Agharta hard fork activation on our test nets Mordor, Kotti and Morden.

The reference to the issue discussion is found here

So please join us on this important call so we can finalize Agharta and get ready for some amazing changes to be added to ETC!

An ics file has been made so you can save the event on your calendar. [file:invite.ics]

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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