Ethereum Classic Summit

This page contains links and video presentations related to Ethereum Classic Summit.

To date, Ethereum Classic Summit has been held in 3 locations:

ETC Summit 2017 Hong Kong

ETC Summit 2018 Seoul, South Korea

Full Livestream - September 12, 2018

ETC Summit 2019 Vancouver, Canada

ETC Summit 2019 Day 1

Opening Address

Bob Summerwill @BobSummerwill, Executive Director of ETC Cooperative.

The State of Ethereum Classic

Anthony Lusardi @pyskell, Former Executive Director of ETC Cooperative.

Ethereum Classic Principles, Vision and Opportunity

Donald McIntyre @MyEtherPlan, Researcher, Writer, and Podcaster Etherplan.

Atlantis Protocol Upgrade and The ETC Roadmap

Afri Schoeden @a4fri, Ethereum Classic Core Developer.

The Future of JSON-RPC Tooling

Shane Jonas @shanejonas, Co-Lead Tooling Developer at ETC Core.

Bridging the Decentralized Services Gap

Zane Starr @zanecstarr, Tooling Developer at ETC Core.

Adding Merkle-Mountain-Ranges and Fly-Proofs to ETC

Zac Mitton @VoltzRoad, Open Source Software Engineer at Voltz Road.

Ethereum Classic's ECIP-1050: One Byte of Context

Brooklyn Zelenka @expede, Co-Founder/CTO of FISSION.

The Year Ahead for Ethereum Classic Labs

Terry Culver @realetclassic, CEO of Ethereum Classic Labs and ETC Core.

Infrastructure for Decentralizing Distributed Networks

Aaron Lowry @Aaron_Lowry, Co-Founder/CEO of Ethernode.

Radical Ideals: Experiments in Sustaining Open Source Software

Scott Moore @notscottmoore, Developer Relations Lead at GitCoin.

POA Network: Development Tools in the ETC Ecosystem

Andrew Gross @poanetwork, Technical Writer for POA Network.

State of the Ethereum Classic Testnets

Afri Schoeden @a4fri, Ethereum Classic Core Developer.

Metronome - First Cross-Chain Cryptocurrency: Chain Hop From ETH to ETC

Manoj Patidar @manojpatidarr, Principal Engineer at Bloq.

Fireside Chat: Improving Investor Access to Ethereum Classic

Michael Sonnenshein @Sonnenshein, Managing Director of Grayscale.

The Need for Cross Chain Collaboration

Aidan Hyman @Aidan_IH, Co-Founder/CEO of ChainSafe.

Developer Relations in Ethereum Classic

Yaz Khoury @Yazanator, Director of Developer Relations at ETC Cooperative.

ETC Summit 2019 Day 2

A New Open Source Deal for Web3

Boris Mann @bmann, Co-Founder of FISSION.

Positive Sum Games Between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic

Virgil Griffith @virgilgr, Special Projects at the Ethereum Foundation.

A Peripheral Observer and Fan's View of Ethereum Classic

Sunny Aggarwal @sunnya97, Researcher and Core Dev at Tendermint and Cosmos.

Is Open Source Software Immortal?

Zachary Belford @belfordz, Co-Lead Tooling Developer at ETC Core.

Merging Blockchains: A Technical Perspective

Wei Tang @sorpaas, Core Developer at Parity.

Ethereum Classic's EVM LLVM Project

Alan Li @etc_core, Lead Compiler Engineer at ETC Core.

ECIP-1049: Why Ethereum Classic Should Adopt SHA3 Proof of Work

Alex Tsankov @antsankov, Open Source Developer at Block Reaction.

Building Trust as a Miner or Miner-Maker

Nishant Sharma @nishantsharma87, PR and Community Relations at Bitmain.

Ethereum Classic Ethash ASICs

Werner Almesberger @LinzhiCorp, System Architect at Linzhi.

ETC Summit Platform Panel: Afri Schoedon, Shane Jonas, Wei Tang, Zachary Belford, Zachary Mitton

Yaz Khoury @Yazanator, Director of Developer Relations at ETC Cooperative.

ETC Summit Community Panel: Chelsea Palmer, Donald McIntyre, Kevin Lord, Terry Culver, Yaz Khoury

Bob Summerwill @BobSummerwill, Executive Director of ETC Cooperative.

"Capture" Was Already Always Happening: The Complexity of Power in Blockchain Ecosystems

Chelsea Palmer @chiselinc, Organizer of DogeCon.

ETC Summit 2019: Closing Keynote

Charles Hoskinson @IOHK_Charles, Co-Founder/CEO of IOHK and Co-Founder of the Ethereum Project.