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Development /development/
Technical resources for Ethereum Classic covering development, mining and network status
Clients /development/clients/
Download links for various Ethereum Classic clients and deployment tools
Contribute /development/contribute/
A summary of the Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposal (ECIP) process
Developer Tools /development/developer-tools/
A collection of tools to enhance the Ethereum Classic application development experience
Development Guides /development/guides/
Get started with Ethereum Classic development by following development tutorials
Mining Resources /development/mining-resources/
A selection of Ethereum Classic compatible mining software and mining pools
Network Resources /development/network-resources/
EVM references, gas fee estimators, monitors and faucets for Ethereum Classic mainnet and testnet
Ecosystem /ecosystem/
Ethereum Classic projects, applications, protocol, wallets, exchanges, social media, and more
Apps and Protocols /ecosystem/apps-and-protocols/
A collection of dapps, applications and protocols built on top of Ethereum Classic
Exchanges /ecosystem/exchanges/
A list of centralized and trust-minimized exchanges, DEXs, and payment processors that support ETC
Social Channels /ecosystem/social-channels/
A collection of Ethereum Classic chat rooms, twitter accounts, discussion groups, forums, podcasts, repositories and regional websites
Development Teams /ecosystem/teams/
A list of major organizations that previously or are currently contributing to Ethereum Classic
Wallets /ecosystem/wallets/
A source of web wallets, extensions, software wallets, hardware wallets, and other ways to secure ETC
Knowledge Base /knowledge/
General information and explainers about various Ethereum Classic history and concepts
FAQs /knowledge/faqs/
Frequently Asked Questions about Ethereum Classic
Roadmap /knowledge/roadmap/
An overview of Ethereum Classic's origins, history and future development roadmap
Theory /knowledge/theory/
Links to articles covering a range of Ethereum Classic economics and philosophy topics
What is Ethereum Classic? /knowledge/what-is-etc/
A beginner's guide to Ethereum Classic (ETC); what it is and how to get it
News /news/
Blog articles and news links from all over the internet pertaining to Ethereum Classic
Media /news/media/
List of Ethereum Classic related media; news links to external sites
Press /press/
Information and resources related to the promotion of Ethereum Classic
Conferences /press/conferences/
Videos from the Ethereum Classic summits 2017, 2018 and 2019
Media Kit /press/media-kit/
A collection graphics that can be used to promote Ethereum Classic
Site Map /sitemap/
Overview of all the pages on the Ethereum Classic website.
Blog /blog/
Latest Ethereum Classic news articles and announcements
A Crypto-Decentralist Manifesto /blog/2016-07-11-manifesto/
Let's keep the original censorship-resistant Ethereum going! /blog/2016-07-15-start-project/
ETC - new Ethereum Classic ticker symbol /blog/2016-07-22-etc-ticker/
ETC exchange trading and other news /blog/2016-07-24-polo-trading/
What can I do to help Ethereum Classic project? /blog/2016-07-25-call-for-action/
Getting things done in a decentralized way /blog/2016-07-27-getting-things-done/
Couple Values That Forked Ethereum Broke /blog/2016-08-10-couple-values-broken/
Decentralized anarchist governance system /blog/2016-08-11-decentralized-anarchist-governance-system/
The Ethereum Classic Declaration of Independence /blog/2016-08-13-declaration-of-independence/
New Website Created /blog/2016-08-14-new-website/
Nature Inspired Ethereum Classic Community Dynamics Proposal /blog/2016-08-16-nature-inspired-dynamics/
Ethereum Classic Kickoff (London) /blog/2016-08-18-meetup/
CHBTC contributes funds to foster growth of Ethereum Classic /blog/2016-09-01-chbtc/
Code is Law and the Quest for Justice /blog/2016-09-09-code-is-law/
The Invisible Field /blog/2016-09-18-invisible-field/
Navajo Indians Help Explain Ethereum / Classic Replay Attacks /blog/2016-10-11-replay-attacks/
Cuban Piracy & Why Merkle Trees Are So Awesome For Blockchains /blog/2016-10-12-merkle/
Ethereum / Classic Denial Of Service Attacks & The Estonian Cyberwar /blog/2016-10-13-denial-of-service/
Why Another Hard Fork To Deal With The Recent Denial Of Service Attack Spam Shouldn't Be Controversial /blog/2016-10-14-dos-attack-spam/
Gas Reprice Hard Fork on ETC block 2500000 (October 25) /blog/2016-10-17-hard-fork/
Instead of The Halvening, A Tithing for ETC /blog/2016-10-31-monetary-policy/
ETC Newsletter : 2016-10-24 - 2016-11-01 /blog/2016-11-01-newsletter/
Let's Admit Blockchains Are Weird: An Introduction To The Strangeness /blog/2016-11-04-blockchains-are-weird/
ETC Newsletter : 2016-11-01 - 2016-11-08 /blog/2016-11-08-newsletter/
The Bare Basics Of Money And Monetary Policy WITH A FEW WORDS FROM SATOSHI NAKAMOTO /blog/2016-11-15-money-and-monetary-policy/
ETC Newsletter /blog/2016-11-15-newsletter/
ETC Weekly Newsletter : Monetary Policy Update /blog/2016-11-22-newsletter/
The Skinny On Smart Contracts: An Introduction & Why You Should Care /blog/2016-11-23-smart-contracts/
ETC Weekly Newsletter : Network Update /blog/2016-11-29-newsletter/
Why InterPlanetary File System & Its Ilk Are A Big Deal For Blockchains & Beyond /blog/2016-12-01-ipfs/
ETC End of Year and Monetary Policy Event: London, December 13th /blog/2016-12-04-monetary-policy-event/
ETC Weekly Newsletter : The Grothendieck Team /blog/2016-12-06-newsletter/
Why Would I Choose To Run My Application On Ethereum / Classic Instead Of The World Wide Web? /blog/2016-12-06-why/
Introducing The Grothendieck Team /blog/2016-12-12-TeamGrothendieck/
ETC Weekly Newsletter : ETC Meetup in London + The New Team /blog/2016-12-14-Newsletter/
How To EASILY Set Up An AMAZING Ethereum Classic Node & Talk To It With Your OWN Code /blog/2016-12-16-parity/
ETC Weekly Newsletter : In Case You Missed It /blog/2016-12-20-newsletter/
Zero Knowledge Proofs For Dummies /blog/2016-12-28-zero-knowledge/
ETC Weekly Newsletter : End Of 2016! /blog/2016-12-29-newsletter/
ETC Weekly Newsletter : Happy New Year! /blog/2017-01-04-newsletter/
Sustainable Development Goals /blog/2017-01-06-sustainable-development-goals/
ETC Weekly Newsletter : Protocol Update Successful! /blog/2017-01-17-newsletter/
Ethereum Classic Harmony /blog/2017-01-24-ethereum-classic-harmony/
ETC Weekly Newsletter : Another Great Month Ahead /blog/2017-02-01-newsletter/
Why Bloom Filters Are So Cool (+ Useful!) For Blockchains & Beyond: An Introduction /blog/2017-02-10-bloom-filters/
Hashes: An Introduction & Why They Are Foundational To The Internet & Blockchains /blog/2017-02-10-hashes/
Why Ethereum Classic Uses An Incorrect SHA3 Implementation /blog/2017-02-10-keccak/
Proposal: Ethereum Classic Currency And Logo Conventions To Improve Communication And Avoid Expensive Mistakes /blog/2017-02-10-proposal/
Serpent: Introduction To The BEST Ethereum Classic Smart Contract Language /blog/2017-02-10-serpent/
Should We Make ⟠ The Ethereum Classic Currency Symbol? /blog/2017-02-13-symbol/
ETC Weekly Newsletter : Treasury Proposal /blog/2017-02-16-newsletter/
How To Create A Censorship Resistant Domain Name System On Ethereum Classic /blog/2017-02-28-dns/
An Interview With The Anonymous Individual That Started Ethereum Classic /blog/2017-02-28-interview/
ETC Weekly Newsletter : Monetary Policy Statement. /blog/2017-03-02-newsletter/
ETC Weekly Newsletter: Dev Updates + New Discussions /blog/2017-03-08-newsletter/
Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin Discusses The New Viper Smart Contract Programming Language /blog/2017-03-13-viper/
ETC Weekly Newsletter: Dev update and more /blog/2017-03-16-newsletter/
How To Improve Ethereum Classic Immutability Discussions /blog/2017-03-24-immutability/
ETC Weekly Newsletter: Dev Update + News from Bitkio. /blog/2017-03-29-newsletter/
The Ethereum Classic World Computer Accounts & States Explained /blog/2017-03-30-accounts-and-states/
ETC Weekly Newsletter: New devs on ETCdev Team. /blog/2017-04-13-newsletter/
Ethereum Classic Public And Private Keys: A Little Enlightenment /blog/2017-04-18-keys/
ETC Weekly Newsletter: New all time highs as ETC surges! /blog/2017-04-19-newsletter/
Ethereum Classic Blocks Explained: The Three Categories /blog/2017-04-28-blocks/
Ethereum Classic World Computer Transactions Explained /blog/2017-04-28-transactions/
Why You Should LOVE Proof Of Stake Systems — Hybrids! /blog/2017-05-01-proof-of-stake/
ETC Weekly Newsletter: Dev Update 10! /blog/2017-05-11-newsletter/
Stand up from the crowd /blog/2017-05-19-stand-up/
ICOs & Custom Cryptocurrencies On Ethereum Classic /blog/2017-06-17-icos/
Should The Ethereum Classic Community Be Ashamed Of Promoting Privacy? /blog/2017-06-17-privacy/
When Absolutely No One Can Steal Or Return Lost Ethereum Classic Funds /blog/2017-06-17-private-keys/
Development forces arriving /blog/2017-07-23-development-boost/
Web 3.0 And Ethereum Classic /blog/2017-07-28-web3/
The Rise and Rise of Social Coins /blog/2017-08-27-the-rise-and-rise-of-social-coins/
All that's new in Classic - October Edition /blog/2017-10-25-all-thats-new-in-classic-october-edition/
The Mining Game: Explaining Blockchains /blog/2017-11-05-mining-game/
Who's Talking at the Classic Summit /blog/2017-11-11-whos-talking-at-the-classic-summit/
How Ethereum Classic Light Clients Can SECURELY Operate /blog/2017-12-04-light-clients/
Toll Equality /blog/2017-12-13-toll-equality/
The Dexaran Interview /blog/2017-12-20-dexaran/
Implicit Ethereum Classic Blockchain Information /blog/2018-01-26-implicit-info/
A Simple Interpretation Of The Ethereum Classic Mining Difficulty Parameter /blog/2018-01-31-difficulty/
Why Multisig Smart Contracts Will Likely Take Over Ethereum Classic & The World /blog/2018-02-14-multisig/
On Ethereum Classic Mining Rewards With The New Monetary Policy /blog/2018-02-22-rewards/
Long Term Outlook for Ethereum Classic /blog/2018-03-02-longterm-outlook-for-etc/
ETC Rundown — What’s new this week (3/6/18)! /blog/2018-03-06-etc-roundup/
ETC Roundup — What’s new this week (3/12/18)! /blog/2018-03-12-etc-roundup/
A Walk Through Ethereum Classic Digital Signature Code /blog/2018-03-15-signatures/
ETC Roundup — What’s happened last week (3/19/18)! /blog/2018-03-19-etc-roundup/
Ethereum Classic Recursive Length Prefix Encoding /blog/2018-03-19-rlp/
An Introduction To Tries /blog/2018-04-05-tries/
The Ethereum Classic Blockchain Is INCOMPLETE & Why That Is OK /blog/2018-04-11-initial-state/
Agharta Finalization Core Devs Call /blog/2019-12-10-ecip-1056-finalization/
On Thursday, December 12, 2019, 1pm UTC, an Ethereum Classic Core Devs call will be held to determine the final block selection for Agharta.
The Summary of the Gas-Limit Configuration Call from 12/27/2019 /blog/2019-12-27-gas-limit-call/
There was a call on discord discussing limiting ETC's block gas limit